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Finding the right office space in Singapore can be a challenge. You need an experienced office space rental agent by your side.

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We Help You Find That Perfect Office Space You Deserve

What sets us apart from ordinary agents ?

 As an office space rental agency, we know the office rental market inside and out. Our office rental agents have extensive knowledge of industry trends

 We focus exclusively on commercial real estate, specifically helping businesses find the right rental office space that match their business goal.

What We Can Do for You

Through the years, we have developed the expertise necessary to suggest only the most appropriate office space and location for our clients.

 Our strong relationship within the commercial real estate community will give you access to off-market spaces or other opportunities that we are privy to.

How It Works?

Finding an office rental space with us is simple. The very first step of the process is to contact us.

Here’s what happened next

Step 1

Understanding Your Needs

Understanding your space requirements and business goals is always the first step in the site selection process. This is essential to getting the rest of the process right.

Step 2

Receive Our Proposal

With our experience and market knowledge, , we will identify the most appropriate sites based on your specifications. You will receive a list of available spaces, including rental rates.

Step 3

Site Inspection

Once you’ve created a list of properties you’re interested in, we’ll facilitate your touring to each of them. we will be with you throughout and answer any question you may have on the spot


Step 4

Lease Negotiation

From the moment you identify the right space, we will assist you with negotiating the lease, from initial proposals to arranging lease execution

Step 5

Continue Support

Our job doesn’t end with the signing of your lease. You will continue to receive our support. The process ends with you moving in and occupying your new space.

Whether your company is relocating just a single office or is in the process of consistently acquiring space to accommodate future expansion, our team in Singapore can help.

Nic Ee, Executive Director 

Why Businesses Use Our Office Space Finding Service?

In addition to many other benefits, here are six you can expect when trying to locate the perfect space for your business using our office space finding service

No Fee Service

For all the work we do in finding you a new commercial property, you won’t have to pay anything. We are compensated by the seller or landlord or by the listing agent


Saving Time

Finding a space is a time-consuming process especially if you have no previous experience in commercial real estate. Consider all of the steps you need to take


Complete Listings

Unlike residential properties, not every commercial property is advertised. We have access to all listings, including properties that have yet to hit the market


Saving Money

We analyze your space requirements to avoid leasing too much space and we suggest alternative options that are more economical for your situation to save you money on rent


Lease Negotiation

You can count on our expertise to structure your initial offers and conduct the entire negotiation process to secure the best possible lease price. We know what landlords are willing to accept after all


Free Test Fit

For your peace of mind, we offer a free test fitting service before you sign any lease, so you don’t rent more space than you need or taking a space that is not functional for your business

No Fee Service

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Are You Looking for One of These Commercial Properties?

In commercial real estate, each property type has its own set of regulations governing its permitted use. Our commercial real estate agent will recommend spaces that are appropriate for your respective use.

Let us help you find that perfect space now!

Corporate Office

Premium commercial buildings where companies house their executives, administrators, and support staff

Industrial Office

Well-designed modern industrial buildings with high office content help qualified companies to lower their real estate costs 

Lab Space

Scientific laboratories designed for testing and investigating products and processes, such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and geological explorations

Commercial School

Spaces in which teaching, training, or the imparting of skills is permitted. Including tuition centers, language, computer & arts schools, music and & schools

Medical Office

Facilities used by a medical practitioner, dentist, or other healthcare provider to diagnose or treat the symptoms of disease, injury, or disability.


Storage spaces of not less than 5,000 square feet used predominantly for storing goods, but not for conducting business

Our Commercial Real Estate Clients

Here are some of the companies we have helped with their Commercial Real Estate needs

You can be our next client in the list

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