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An Extended Member Of Your Team Managing Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Whether your company is relocating just a single office or is in the process of consistently acquiring space to accommodate future expansion, finding the right office space in Singapore can be a challenge.

In order to find the best spaces available, you need a commercial property agent in Singapore or a tenant representation firm that is familiar with the location, the characteristics of the available properties, and the government legislation that may affect the operation of your business.

At CENTURY 21, we take the time to listen to you so that we understand your needs, your long and short term plans, and above all, your business goals. Knowing these things is one way that we are able to ensure that we can match your requirements as closely as possible.

As a leading commercial property agency, our firm foundation in the commercial real estate market gives us the expertise needed to suggest only the most appropriate business space and location. We will always help you investigate and evaluate the characteristics of each of the properties you’ve shortlisted. We will also help you to understand pertinent government legislation as well as business incentives so that you can make the optimal choice for your commercial real estate.

Our clients receive a wide range of services with no direct cost involved.

Strategic Planning

By working closely with each client, we are able to assess the current, as well as future, needs and objectives. We can then adapt these findings into a solution that is both creative and effective.

Market Research

Our thorough knowledge of the local commercial real estate market allows us to see beyond the typical offerings and find our clients the best leasing opportunities available. Our focus means that we can offer a comprehensive analysis and deliver the choicest properties available.

Tenant Representation

Our clients are guided through the entirety of the lease process. From the initial planning and site selection, to the final stages of negotiation, our team will be an integral part of the entire leasing process.

Lease Advisory

Our representatives give clients the advantage of bringing a vast knowledge base and a wealth of experience to the leasing process; including administration, negotiation, and procurement. That knowledge is used to your benefit in the aggressive negotiation for the best purchase or lease terms.

Value Added Service

We go a step further than simply providing commercial real estate services to corporate clients in Singapore. We also provide an in-depth search for residential homes for those clients’ expatriate employees. We pride ourselves on making our professional services a one stop solution for all of our corporate real estate clients.