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While commercial real estate in Singapore can yield great returns, the complicated process often turns off interested INTERNATIONAL investors. Having an experienced commercial real estate agent makes all the difference

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For quite some time, Singapore has been a top-notch property investment choice and immigration destination for international high net-worth individuals (HNWI) from countries all over the world.

With more than 20 years in the Singapore real estate market, we are one of the few Singapore commercial real estate agencies offering exceptional real estate services that are personalized and customized to meet the diverse needs of these high net-worth individuals.

We provide foreigner buying commercial property in Singapore a one-stop service for property investment and acquiring Singapore commercial real estate.

Whether you are acquiring a single property to house your business, or expanding your portfolio to grow wealth, our team in Singapore can help.

Nic Ee, Executive Director 

Commercial Real Estate Services

Tailored For Foreign Investors

Working with foreign investors around the world, we provide commercial real estate investment services specifically to the Singapore’s commercial real estate market, from the beginning to the end. Starting with the preliminary analysis, we provide consultations, support for financing and acquisition process, on-going management, ending with flawless results.


Deal Sourcing

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the rental market means we can find you qualified tenants and maximise your rental yield.

Letting Service

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the rental market means we can find you qualified tenants and maximise your rental yield.

Property Management

We understand that happy tenants stay longer. With our property management service, we aim to keep good tenants and optimize your rental income


With the connections we have in the commercial real estate market, you are in the best position to receive the maximum returns on your investments.

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Our clients and contacts include a diverse and perceptive number of high net worth individuals – business owners, founders of companies, high level management, corporate directors, film makers, and owners of many privately-held companies in addition to professional practices who expect the very best level of privacy and confidentiality.

We understand what is important to our clients, and that is where we put our focus. With every interaction we strive for nothing but the absolute highest level of satisfaction.

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We welcome inquiries from prospective clients and professional referrals by lawyers, tax advisors, asset managers, managers and administrators, private bankers, family office representatives, architects, contractors and other luxury real estate agents worldwide.

 All inquiries are handled in confidence. We value your privacy, and take seriously the trust you’re placing in us to protect it

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