How to Define a Luxury Condo in Singapore’s Market

One look at Singapore’s property skyline is enough to back Christie’s Luxury Rankings that places the Lion City at 5th position on the World Luxury Real Estate Index. However, once you step into Singapore’s real estate market, the sheer number of residential options makes it fairly easy for anyone to get lost. What is a […]

8 Reasons Why Foreign Buyers Need a Real Estate Agent in Singapore

A rising GDP, a stable economy, and a lucrative return-on-capital investment. The Lion City is indeed a real-estate investor’s paradise. No wonder then, despite 2018 being called a seller’s market, Singapore continues to reign as the property investor’s mecca in Asia. Even today, property enthusiast from across the world come to Singapore to satiate their […]

Property Investment in Singapore: Factors that Affect Value

Property investment in Singapore real estate sector is on the rise these days with both locals and foreigners trying to generate impressive returns for themselves.  How can you maximize these?  It’s all about choosing a property that has value, but what contributes to the overall value of properties in Singapore? The factors that affect property […]

Buying a condo in Singapore: What should you look for?

Buying a condo in Singapore is one of the best choices if you are interested in making a foreign property investment. There are other options as well, but condos are more preferable. Ever since the cooling measures, the prices of condo in Singapore are bottoming up since 2017. So does this mean that you should […]

Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Singapore as a Foreign Buyer

Singapore is a hotbed in the real estate world these days, and rightly so. The country isn’t only among the most developed ones in South Asia, but the world as well.  An economy on the rise, a growing number of expats, a positive outlook and so many other reasons have made Singapore shine in the […]

Super Penthouse Of Wallich Residence Could Exceed $100M Price Tag

According to source, the Wallich Residence developer is talking to three groups of potential buyers for the building’s super penthouse, despite its record asking price of more than $100 million. The high price of this super penthouse in the tallest building of the wealthiest Asian city-state is equal to the views it has to offer. […]

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