Why do You Need a Property Management Agency as a Landlord in Singapore?

Congratulations – you have secured a great investment in a reputed neighborhood in Singapore. Time to sit back and enjoy the returns? Well that would depend on how you decide to progress from here onwards. Your foreign investment in Singapore generates income only when you rent it out.  However, tenant finding and management can be […]

Property Investment in Singapore: What Foreigners Should Know

Singapore is the hub for property investment these days and rightly so, because the returns are quite impressive. Those that indulged themselves in the Singaporean real estate market back in the mid 2000 have been able to triple their wealth in the past decade.  But for you to step into this industry there are a […]

Luxury Real Estate in Singapore: What Should Foreign Investors Know

Singapore achieved independence a little over 50 years ago, and only has an area of 719.9 square kilometers.  Though it has relatively been a short time only, Singapore is doing well on so many fronts. And one of these is its real estate sector, particularly the luxury real estate in Singapore, which is blooming, and […]

A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Commercial Property in Singapore

Residential properties are often more preferable from an investment point of you.  Commercial properties in Singapore are just as good a choice, but many foreign buyers like yourself, hesitate stepping into this sector. However, adding Singapore commercial properties to your portfolio has a positive impact on your returns. Partner up with an experienced Singapore commercial […]

Reasons to Hire an Office Tenant’s Rep For Your Next Office Search

Looking around for a suitable office space in Singapore? You have two main options: hunt for a space on your own, or hire an office tenant’s representative to find one for you. Which option is the better of the two? If you go about finding an office space yourself, you’d have to look up classified […]

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Property in Singapore As A Foreigner

Property investment does have its benefits whether you do it locally or overseas, the rental income is one of the biggest of them all.  Indeed, that does mean tenant management, but if you are buying property in Singapore, many property management companies out there would gladly do this for you at an affordable fee. So […]

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